Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cyber Shower Party Post

This is my first ever cyber shower party. Too cute! Drop by and sign up at http://www.chesapeakeribbons.blogspot.com/

These are the answers to the shower games:
Game #1: 56 Jelly Beans are in the baby bottle.
Game #3: OMG!!! 150 diapers were used to create the diaper cake.
Game #4: Thankfully you have a child so I can share my story.

My labor/delivery story:
July 11, 2005 I woke with contractions at about 3 a.m. This was my first so I was unsure of what I was feeling, but I called the nurse to be sure. She had me time my contractions and told me to go back to bed and get some rest. Naturally, my husband woke when I was talking to the nurse and wanted to go to the hospital immediately, but I reasured him that it wasn't time. At 3 p.m. my husband decided I needed to go to the hospital, but after the nurse hooked me up my contractions were still to far apart to worry. The doctor checked me and they sent me home. Prior to my departure they said that if I experienced any bleeding to come back immediately. I made it to the elevator and I felt a huge gush of something so I rushed to the bathroom and instead of my water breaking I was gushing blood. So back I went and they checked me again. My contractions became very close together and my water broke. Not long afterwards I was asking for an epidural and another 14.5 hours later I had a beautiful baby girl.

If selected as a winner I would like:
#8 Hanes
#18 Shuana blog makeover
#16 Polka Dot Bumblebee
#4 Chesapeake Ribbons GC
#3 Boca Beth