Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bay Area Giveaway

This Prize Package is worth $450!!! Those at Baby Buy Products are just trying to get the word out about some of the awesome Bay Area kid and baby companies that they have found. If you have missed some posts, the companies that are taking part in the giveaway are:
1. Sarah's Silks
2. Speesees
3. JakC Designs
4. Tattoos for Tots
5. Peas of Mind
6. TruKid
7. Abe Jones
8. Skipping Hippos
9. Whimsical Walney

1 comment:

ShakeRattleandRoll said...

Have you seen the review for Rileyroos Shoes on Oh! Baby Buy Products? I love that site... Those Rileyroos shoes are too cute, I would love to get a pair for my son and my daughter. They're precious!