Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Party at MommyFest

Hey, my name is Shay and I'm a visual artist and art teacher. Naturally, I wish I could make my living off my art, but instead I teach art for a living in a public school. Please feel free to check out my portfolio and get my home buisness started. Most of my models consist of my daughter. She's the sole inspiration for my recent work which is all that I'm showing in my portfolio. I'd let ya see all my old stuff, but I wouldn't want to get commissioned to do that style of art. I'm hoping to stay busy in my studio this summer my daughter is finally old enough to enjoy getting messy with me she'll be three in July.


amy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog at Mommyfest! We are actually in Greenwood. You are a great artist! I was in art pretty heavily in high school, and my husband says I'm still pretty good, but I never really did anything with it. I do the occasional project. I'm with you on the potty training. We're still struggling at over 3! Great to meet you and Happy Mommyfest!

Cindy Gray said...

Hi Amy, I saw your comment to one of the MommyFest blog partiers. I noticed you are a portrait artist, I am a portrait artist, as well. It's it the best? Your work is lovely. I will check out your website!