Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'd love to share some pictures with you, but I'm never in any that we take a the beach. Sorry, my hubby just doesn't take many pictures. However, if he does take any pictures I have to refine them with a photo editing device.

I hate swimsuit shopping.....I haven't bought a new suit in over four years. After having my daughter I only wear bikini's in my backyard. I have definitely moved on to "mom suits". I prefer tankini's to bikini's NOW after children and thirty. Not to mention I'm blindingly white. I think everyone looks better with a little color, but we don't have a pool or live near a beach and I can find other ways to invest my money than getting a fake bake.

In my early years all I wore was bikini's the skimpier the better. The last bikini I bought was one with the LITTLE triangles to cover your bust that tied around your neck and back. Not to mention even the bottoms tied on either side. My favorite color was purple back then, but I also had a metallic gold one that I wore when I went with my now husband to the lake with a group of friends. Stupid me I loaned it to my best friend and she ruined it in a hot tub.........hum lets just image that little number. My friend and I both scored big I landed my husband and she landed hers. Now as I said I am reduced to TANKINI's. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

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Brandy said...

I haven't worn a bikini in YEARS! Not even in my backyard. :)

Hey girl! I've finally had a little time to get online. Are you enjoying your summer?

Jocelyn said... about a new pair of Eleven Tariner shoes from Hip Mama's Place? :)
You won! Congrats!

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Thanks! :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks for stopping by last week!

runninggal said...

Thanks for posting about the good ole USA!! Check your email for the mp3 I was telling you about. By the way, David and I are doing a free concert in Hendersonville on Sunday, July 13. more info on

Thanks again!

forgetfulone said...

I don't wear a bikini in the back yard, either. Don't want to scare any children who might be looking down out of their second story windows! LOL

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