Monday, June 2, 2008


The winner of the "BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Child of Wonder: Nurturing Creative and Naturally Curious Children (Wonder Collection) by Ginger Carlson" is Joanne K who commented:

"Wow! I just took a look at your work and it blew me away!

The one of the dog really got to me. It brought up feelings of sadness as I wanted to rescue the dog from behind the bars. His eyes look so sad to me.

To draw people like you do really does take a lot of talent. Not everyone can draw people and make them look so perfect like you.

I'm not sure how to get discovered but you really need to.

Maybe you could do drawings of some talk show hosts like Ellen, David Letterman or Jay Leno and try to get them to have you on the show.

I think you should also send your work in to different magazines and see if you get in there.

Good luck. I know someday you will be seen by the right person and will make it big someday."

Joanne K Congratulations!!!! I hope you enjoy it as did I. I plan to follow through with your suggestions! Thanks a lot for putting some thought into your comment.


Joanne Kennedy said...

I'm thrilled I won! Thank you so much. You are such a dear to offer this great give away.


Michele said...

Congratulations to Joanne for winning the giveaway, and thank YOU for your generosity!!