Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yes, I wrote Skeeda. It's the latest trend instead of me having to take all my plastic bags back to Publix to recycle I could use a Skeeda instead. Wow! Never thought I would have become such an environmentalist. Peony is definitely my favorite. I'm such a girlie girl . . . P I N K is becoming my favorite color especially when it is used with chocolate. If you want to see what all the talk is about check out their site at they have a lot to offer. I don't want to bore you but here are a few of the things I do to help the environment: recycle plastic bags, cans, plastic containers (use them for my students), foam meat trays (steralize and make printing trays), clay (potter re-use and make new clay), old cell phones if they are totally broken if not I recycle them by giving them to the Abused Women Foundation, and ink cartridges are donated to my school to raise extra money. These are only a few of the things I do to help the environment if you want to contribute your toughts and enter to win one of these bags please visit this site


Anonymous said...

Good for you.
I need to start doing more to help the environment right now it's just trying to get the kids to turn lights and tvs off when they leave a room.
I'll have to visit skeeda
I found your blog on the mommies united site.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Hey there! Found your post and your love of Skeeda. I love mine too. If you need more (or if your readers are interested) I have a coupon code on my website:

And I'm also holding a contest for a free Skeeda!