Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wraps Giveaway

Sleepy Wraps carry your child on your chest. The child is better supported causing no hip or back damage. There is no risk of re-breathing since your child is held on your chest not tightly bundled in a sack. You can do anything with a wrap and even family members can use it to put your child to sleep. Us Mother’s know how well a child is put to sleep on your chest, they easily doze off with no fuss. Wraps are perfect for these moments, and you can also breast feed while using a wrap. Since your child is positioned right on your chest breast feeding is a breeze. One of my favorite's from there testimonials: An absolute Godsend!-Aiden S., Minnesota

That says it all to me. Sold--rather it's up for grabs an Ordinary Life is giving it away. Please copy and past their url to enter

I have the buttons on my side bar for both companies.

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Kristin said...

Thanks for entering! I'll check out your other blog as well.